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Am I Eligible for SSI?

Gordon, Wolf & Carney Feb. 14, 2020

Supplemental Security Income is the government disability program that applies to certain individuals who can qualify according to both disability and personal assets. Claims are approved differently than in Social Security disability applications that are based on the employment and tax records by the claimant. Individuals who cannot qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance can often be eligible for SSI if they have minimal assets. In addition, although the disabilities are determined by the SSA rules and regulations, the benefits are administered by the state of residence for the applicants and program approval is re-evaluated annually. And it is always advisable to have an experienced legal representative like Gordon Wolf & Carney Baltimore Maryland disability lawyers handling the case from the very beginning.


Being approved for SSI requires the claimant to prove their medical condition is either already accepted or similar to a Blue Book disability and that the condition impacts their ability to earn substantive income. When the claimant does not have a listed disability for approval, it is often necessary to appeal the decision for a reconsideration. This is where your disability attorney becomes necessary, as they understand what the SSA is wanting in terms of proof and can present detailed documentation that proves the claim. This can include both personal testimony and medical records, and a totality of medical issues can be allowable.


Another component of an SSI claim involves personal assets. Applicants are means tested and must qualify per certain financial assets. Unmarried claimants can have no more than $2000, and married couples can have no more than $3000 in cash or in the bank. Insurance policies and other financial holdings can also be considered in certain instances. Claimants are allowed to own one home and one vehicle up to a certain value unless it is necessary for making medical appointments. In addition to the available federal funding, most states also have a schedule of additional benefits that may be included as well.

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