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Class Action Lawsuits: What Happens Next

Gordon, Wolf & Carney June 5, 2020

A class action lawsuit, which is a civil lawsuit brought by an individual or small group of people on behalf of hundreds or thousands of others, deals with issues where numerous people have suffered the same type of harm. Whether this is due to a defective product, dangerous medication, smoking cigarettes or even being exposed to certain chemicals at work or in the military, these lawsuits are complex. If you need to know more about what happens next in Baltimore class action lawsuits, contact attorneys at Gordon Wolf & Carney.

Certifying a Case as Class Action
Once your lawsuit is brought forward, you and your attorney can them ask the court to certify the lawsuit as a class action suit. To have this happen, certain criteria must be met. First, there must be a clear legal claim against the defendant. Second, it must be shown a large number of people suffered similar harm and that their cases would involve similar questions of law. Finally, the lead plaintiff must have no conflicts with other members of the lawsuit.

Notifying Potential Class Members
Once the lawsuit is certified, potential members of the suit are notified by direct mail, online, or through the media. While having the choice to opt out, most do not. In fact, class membership is often automatic.

Dividing Up Compensation
If the court finds in favor of the plaintiffs or the case is settled, compensation is divided up only with Court approval, and as the Court directs.

If you feel you have the basis for a class action lawsuit, consult soon with attorneys who handle Baltimore class action lawsuits at Gordon Wolf & Carney.