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How Do I Apply for Supplemental Security Income?

Gordon, Wolf & Carney June 26, 2020

The prospect of filing for Supplemental Security Income can be overwhelming for many people. Unfortunately, many people only considering consulting with Baltimore Maryland SSDI lawyers after they have initially applied for benefits and their claim has been denied. Gordon Wolf & Carney recommends that you consult with and hire an attorney specializing in handling such cases at the beginning of the process.

Why Should You Hire an Attorney Rather Than Try to Handle it on Your Own?
There are numerous advantages to working with experienced Baltimore Maryland SSDI lawyers. For instance, you will not have to worry about dealing with the Social Security Administration on your own. Your lawyer will instead file the claim on your behalf, saving you a tremendous amount of stress and time. This will ensure your application is filed properly, thus reducing the chance that your claim might be denied.

An experienced attorney, such as the lawyers at Gordon Wolf & Carney, will also be able to assist you in gathering the necessary evidence to demonstrate your eligibility for benefits. It is not uncommon for the Social Security Administration to fail to obtain all of your relevant medical records. For this reason, claims are often denied. Working with an attorney from the beginning will ensure that your complete medical records are forwarded to the Social Security Administration.

Additionally, your attorney can assist you with completing the necessary forms require by Social Security regarding your work history and daily activities. The answers provided on these forms are critical to the outcome of your case. Having an experienced attorney on your side to assist you with completing these forms will make certain Social Security receives a clear picture of the situation.

Whether you are considering filing a claim for benefits or you have had a claim denied in the past, make sure you have experienced SSI attorneys representing you.