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How Do I Know if I Qualify for Disability?

Gordon, Wolf & Carney Feb. 7, 2020

Qualifying for disability may be confusing if you have never applied for benefits. Many applicants are denied the first time they attempt to receive compensation for a disability or illness because they do not understand the intricate details of the system. Maryland social security disability attorneys such as those at Gordon Wolf & Carney may be able to help if you have been denied benefits in the past. It may also be helpful to have a general understanding of what social workers look for when determining who qualifies for disability and who should be denied.

Work Status

Individuals whose income comes to more than $1,260 per month may have a hard time qualifying for disability. It is a general rule that individuals who earn more than this amount per month are not considered disabled.

Still, there is the matter of working enough hours in a quarter to qualify for the insurance. Individuals who have never worked may be less likely to receive compensation for disability because of the general requirement of recipients needing to have worked a certain amount of hours before their application is considered.

Special Cases of Acceptance

You may be able to qualify for disability regardless of your work history if you have an illness that is on the list of conditions that automatically make an applicant eligible to receive compensation. Speaking with Baltimore MD disability insurance lawyers is the best way to determine if you qualify under this precept.

Let Gordon Wolf & Carney Help!

The Maryland social security disability attorneys at Gordon Wolf & Carney understand the ins and outs of disability insurance. They can work with you to ensure that your application is complete and best represents your situation.

It is difficult to qualify for disability insurance because of the hidden rules that most applicants do not understand before applying for compensation. Contacting a lawyer is your best option if you are applying the first time, or if you are trying to gain acceptance after a denial.