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How Does SSDI Work?

Gordon, Wolf & Carney May 15, 2020

If you have become unable to work because of a long-term illness or injury, you may be eligible to receive SSDI benefits. SSDI is a government benefit that will allow you to receive monthly compensation if you meet the requirements. The Baltimore-based SSDI attorneys at Gordon, Wolf & Carney can assist you with your SSDI application or appeal to take the burden off of you, and to help you make the best case possible that you are entitled to the SSDI benefits you deserve.

Qualifications for SSDI

To qualify for SSDI, you will have to meet several criteria. First, you must earn enough work credits from your years of service. Secondly, you must have a condition that will last at least 12 months, and the condition must be present in the SSI’s list of acceptable conditions. Furthermore, you must be incapacitated enough to whereas you cannot perform gainful employment. You may receive approval if you meet all those guidelines.

Why Some People Receive Denials

 Many people receive denials for SSDI because of incomplete paperwork. Some fail the initial qualification stage because of work credits. Other times, their level of activity is too high to qualify them. An attorney who knows the process and the requirements can improve your chances of getting benefits and avoid getting a denial. If your application is denied, you may be able to appeal if you act quickly. An attorney can help make sure you file your appeal in time, and properly.

How an Attorney Can Help

Maryland SSDI attorneys at Gordon Wolf & Carney can assist you during any stage. Our attorneys and legal team will assist you at every stage of the process and ensure that all medical documentation is present and contains the information necessary to garner approval. If you do happen to receive a denial, the attorney can file an appeal and try to reverse the decision.

Contact Gordon Wolf & Carney for a Consultation

You can contact Gordon, Wolf & Carney’s SSDI attorneys at any stage in the process of applying for SSDI or appealing a denial. We advise you to contact an attorney now to prevent a denial from occurring early. Schedule a consultation and talk to someone on our team about your situation.