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My Disability Claim Was Denied, What to Do

Gordon, Wolf & Carney Feb. 21, 2020

The Social Security system often becomes confusing in the matter of disability claims. Many applicants are unpleasantly surprised with denial after applying for benefits for what should be a covered case of disability. You should not accept a denial letter as the final say in your disability case. Instead, contact the Baltimore MD disability insurance lawyers at Gordon Wolf & Carney for help.

Reasons for denial

The main reason that an application for disability insurance is denied is due to a lack of completion. There is more to submitting a completed form than entering your personal data. You must also provide proof that you are indeed disabled to the degree of being unable to work.

The federal government generally does not consider a person who can do other work as eligible for disability benefits. Such an individual can always take up another trade to support himself. You are only eligible for disability benefits if you have a qualifying condition that has lasted for more than a year and totally prevents your ability to earn enough income to support yourself.

What to do after a denial?

The first thing that you should do after receiving a denial letter for disability benefits is to contact a Baltimore disability law firm. An attorney can help by explaining the process to you so that you fully understand how social workers determine eligibility.

A disability insurance lawyer can also guide you through the process of gathering the right material so that your claim stands a better chance of acceptance when you re-apply.

You should not take a denial of disability benefits as a definitive decision. Gordon Wolf & Carney is a Baltimore disability law firm that can help you submit a more solid claim so that you can possibly get the compensation that you need to get you through such a challenging time.