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Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Claims: What Paperwork Do You Need?

Gordon, Wolf & Carney May 22, 2020

Filing a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits claim requires you to obtain and submit dozens of different documents for your case. It can be challenging to remember what documents that you still need and what ones have already been submitted to the court. The knowledgeable Social Security Disability Insurance attorneys at Gordon Wolf & Carney can help make sure you get the required documentation gathered and submitted properly. 

Proof of Your Disability

The most important documents that you will need to file with the court are those that support your claim of being disabled. The judge assigned to your case will need doctors’ reports, x-rays, prescription medication lists, psychiatric reports and other documentation that substantiates the fact that you are so injured or sick that you cannot return to work. 

Getting all of these documents can be time consuming and difficult, however. Rather than spend hours gathering these documents yourself, you can have your attorney take over the collection of these documents for you. Your lawyer will have the legal reach and knowledge to know whom to contact and how to obtain the right paperwork for your case.

Proof of Your Former Employment

You will also need to obtain proof of your employment; your work history should go back 15 years. The judge will need to know how long you worked and how much that you have paid into the Social Security system. This information will determine if and how much that you can draw each month in benefits. 

Your attorney can help you gather the required proof regarding your work history.

Other Proof

You will also need to pull together proof of any worker’s compensation benefits, your original birth certificate, and your Social Security card. You should also have all of your financial information available, including account numbers – particularly if you want your benefits direct deposited into your account

Contact Gordon Wolf & Carney today – our team of Social Security Disability Insurance attorneys can get to work right away on assembling the documents necessary for your SSDI claim.