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What Can a Lawyer Do for A Denied Social Security Claim?

Gordon, Wolf & Carney June 19, 2020

If you have applied for Social Security benefits but have been denied, you will feel bewildered and wonder what went wrong. Unfortunately, you will not be alone, since thousands of people each year are initially denied Social Security benefits to which they are entitled. However, rather than give up and worry about how you and your family will survive financially, it is best to contact Baltimore MD Social Security attorneys at Gordon Wolf & Carney. By doing so, you will discover experienced lawyers can help you get the benefits you need and deserve.

Examining Your Medical Records
Since the Social Security Administration has strict rules on determining a person’s disability and subsequent eligibility for benefits, most claims are initially denied. However, by hiring experienced Baltimore MD Social Security attorneys at Gordon Wolf & Carney, they can work with doctors and other medical specialists to have your medical records reexamined. In doing so, this can often prove you do meet the criteria established by the SSA, allowing you to receive your benefits.

Disability Benefits Hearing
At this hearing, which is conducted by an Administrative Law judge, you will have the chance to present evidence showing why your Social Security claim should be approved. Although you are not required to have legal representation at this hearing, it is often a good idea. By working with Baltimore MD Social Security attorneys who have years of experience dealing with such hearings, you can have a legal strategy developed for you that will counteract any arguments the SSA makes as to why your claim should be denied.

Since the SSA appeals process is confusing and contains many deadlines and strict rules and regulations, don’t try to fight this battle on your own. Instead, if your Social Security claim has been denied, schedule a consultation today with attorneys you can trust at Gordon Wolf & Carney.