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What to Expect from A Mass Torts Case

Gordon, Wolf & Carney June 12, 2020

Personal injury claims take the lead when it comes to mass tort cases. In mass torts cases, constant factors are usually several Plaintiffs against a single or multiple defendants, similarities in injuries and harm sustained, pointing to the same cause. Claims which can prompt mass torts cases often arise from products without proper instructions, harm caused by toxic chemicals, harm resulting from prescription drugs, etc. Prosecution of mass tort cases involves instituting individual claims in the first instance, which later ends up consolidated. To be sure whether your case qualifies to be part of a mass tort case and have a better understanding of what to expect from your case, please contact your Baltimore mass torts attorneys from Gordon Wolf & Carney.

If you have recently sustained harm arising from prescription drugs, there are high chances several other parties out there might have suffered the same predicament. Therefore, your case is a high candidate for a mass torts case, and here are some of the things you should expect.

Lengthy Litigation

Remember, the parties involved in a mass torts claim are several therefore prosecuting such cases take longer than the usual personal injury claim. The pretrial stage will most times include checking of similar injuries among the plaintiffs; hence the reason you need to have an attorney with experience in the prosecution of mass torts cases to look out for your interest.

Possible Settlement

Where a party decides to self-represent, there is a high likelihood of under-compensation. An attorney from Gordon Wolf & Carney, mass torts attorneys in Baltimore MD are well aware of the statutes and case law to rely on during negotiations. Therefore, to ensure you get a deserving compensation, reach out today and receive the legal counsel your case deserves.